Its working!

A few days ago I started to have problems with my nvidia graphics… Every reboot meant reinstalling nvidia drivers (almost every reboot)

Yesterday I just tought: well everything should be better with 2.6.35, why not give it a try? Doing that yesterday evening was a bad idea since the initramfs package was brocken. (I shouldn’t expect much more in the current ubuntu maveric repos)

Today the package was fixed and I can at least start the system. Right now I’m not using any Xorg file and have the screen running at 1920×1080. Unfortunately I fell the absence of 3d acceleration :(.

The MOST IMPORTANT step this time was to ditch grub2 in favor of grub1. This solved almost all problems with one try.

I’ll post more once I’ve found out anything else!


  • BAD: No sound


  • apt-get purge pulseaudio and sound is working again 🙂

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