Long day…

Hi there – today I switched to the and updated the nvidia driver to 195.36.31, till now everything seems to work + the temperature of the graphics card (in nvidia-settings) dropped from ~80°C to ~60°C!!! EDIT: I do not know wether it was my system but somehow it didn’t work after a reboot… With sudo apt-get install nvidia-current and an reinstallation of the nvidia driver it works again.

Besides that I found a really bad bug in a php package today:
if(sizeof($path)==0 || substr($path,-1)!="/") $path.="/";
that might look good in the first place but the moment you think about it you should realize it sets the path to / (root dir on Linux)…

To further mix stuff here is a Link to an exercise I had to do.

And the last part: if you’re interested in Android and live in Austria / or somewhere else and the railways system supports tickets by sms or a webservice, tell me! http://code.google.com/p/railticket/ << working on that one

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